Comments get some new piping

Hello Creators,

We just pushed an update that adds some much needed love to comments!  Yes, those things that people blast across everyones profiles to get the word out.  In the past, conversations in the community were spread between everyones profiles.  One reply here, another over there and it all falls apart when a third party gets involved.  Now, you can simply Reply to a comment and all those participating will get notified and all the comments will appear in one nice, easy to find, easy to read location.  

We know this new feature will revolutionize the way people communicate on the internet… er, ClubCreate.  We hope you enjoy it!

More coming soon!

P.S.  If you haven’t done so already, check out the new A.G. Trio - Countably Infinite studio we launched today.  There are already some really great remixes up there.

We <3 your saves

Hey Everyone,

Had a small hiccup this afternoon on the site.  Errors were occurring during certain actions that would make updates to activity streams.  We’ve put a temporary fix in place as we continue to investigate the issue.  Your saves, while you were presented with an error, still succeeded.  You will need to login and publish your saves though if you want them to appear on your profile.  You can do this either through the dashboard located at or by launching the studio again and opening your saved draft.

More updates coming as we continue to look into the root of the issue.

Team ClubCreate 

Wow, Thank You and We’re on It

Hey Guys,

So…. this weekend has been amazing.  We’ve broken new records on all fronts with the new site up and running.  We can’t thank you all enough.

This said, we’ve had record breaking loads on our servers.  Most have handled it without error, but the servers responsible for mastering your wonderful creations couldn’t keep up with the new demands.  We’ve launched a bunch more servers to help catch everything up and reduce the chance of this from happening again.

If you’ve shared something to Facebook or have been waiting for your download to be ready, please be a little more patient and it will become available very soon.  Facebook shares will magically worked once your song has been mastered.  If you were waiting on a download, you will have to login and try downloading it again.  All of the backlogged masterings should be ready in the next few hours.

Rest assured, we are already putting together new ideas to prevent this from happening again in the future and will begin putting them into practice soonest.

Thanks for your patience in all this and again, thank you for making this launch the success that it’s been.

You guys rock!

Team ClubCreate 

Update Live - 12/5/12

Hey Everyone,

A new update has been pushed live that covers multiple areas of the new site.  Take a look:

  • Added new preference for hiding your profile from the Explore page under the Edit Profile page
  • Explore performance should be greatly improved
  • Remix Kings now shows the proper Fans Choice Top 3 instead of just the Top 1
  • New link for the Blog in the footer area
  • New changes to prevent browser caching issues with future updates
  • Fixed an issue with special characters when searching
  • Fixed an issue with showing songs in a playlist inside the player
  • Returned the Close Account functionality to the Edit Profile page
  • Fixed an issue with comments sometimes failing to load
  • Fixed an issue with AdBlock Plus preventing the page from loading

More updates coming soon.

Team ClubCreate 

#update #bugfixes

Brand Spanking New Site is UP!

Hey Fellow Creators,

The new website is up and kicking!  With all the new features we’ve been receiving some great feedback and we can’t thank you all enough for all the support.

The new site has been a long time in the making and we are only a small team of passionate guys.  We’ve had all hands on deck making this site become reality and we apologize if we’ve neglected anyone in feedback or on GetSatisfaction.  Please know your voice has been heard and we are doing everything we can to make this the best music creation platform in the world.  Over the coming weeks you will more of our presence on social networks and GetSatisfaction, we promise.

With the new site live, we are now able to streamline tweaks and enhancements.  With the rate at which we hope to have these changes made, we don’t want to spam everyone with mass emails and facebook/twitter posts so we will be posting them here amongst other exciting news and updates like new artists and studios.  In simpler terms, come here to stay in the know!

Thank you all for being a part of this.

- Team ClubCreate

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